About Me

Hi! I'm Genine Williams. I was born in New York. Now, I reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I studied Business Management at The University of Maryland, European Division, and studied Nursing at Norfolk State University.
As I am sensitive and compassionate, my prayer is that everyone I know and meet are healthy. My passion is to help people overcome health challenges through cleansing and detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals and toxins. I will go above and beyond the call of duty to facilitate you achieving your health goals...However, you must do your part.
When it comes to weight management, most people think they have a "weight" problem. NO. It is a "waste" problem. And that waste is very toxic. Therefore, I have adopted the philosophy of cleaning up the system by eliminating the waste and rebuilding it through proper nourishment.
My objective is to restore my customers back to optimum health. If the blood is "Alkaline and Nourished," disease cannot occur.
To Your Health!

Genine J. Williams


+1 757-775-7605